Cobra Ops

Cobra_OPS_512 2
We have just released a new free game called Cobra Ops - Marine Combat. Make sure you download and enjoy flying the latest US Marine Corp, AH-1Z from an aircraft carrier.

Use all your available weapons to destroy enemy armour as it advances, including rockets, chain gun and hellfire missiles, but be careful the enemy bites back.

New update released

Today, we can tell you our latest update for AirCav is available from the app store for download, just wake up your iOS devices and laugh the update manager.

An update for the Pro version will be alone soon.

Mission 15

The complete mission video of a AH-1Z taking out the enemy:

Promo Video

Website update

Cockpit image
The next few weeks are going to be an exciting time here at Real Mobile Simulations. Starting with an update to the website, we provide you with a much cleaner and faster version that is also fully responsive to all your screen sizes. We hope this new improved website will make your gaming experience a captivating one.

We are also about to release the next update to Air Cavalry soon; improvements will include new aircraft and new battle situations. We hope you will find it was well worth the wait.

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