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Air Cavalry - news and views

Bell V-280 Valor tiltrotor progresses through flight tests

The Bell V-280 Valor reached a flight speed of 80 knots and is flying at an altitude of 1,000ft above ground level in the video say Bell. Some of the some of the test points demonstrated: Ground taxi, hover taxi, low altitude hovering manoeuvres including 360 pedal turns and forward/aft/lateral re positions, 40 knots roll on landings, and forward flight out to 80 knots.

Mission 32

Recover equipment

A F/A-18 Hornet has been forced down by an unknown reason. On the aircraft there is an assortment of sensitive equipment that must be either recovered or destroyed in place if not recoverable.

You are to deploy with a squad, who will insert by parachute to secure the equipment including the flight recorder then destroy the aircraft.

You are to neutralise all enemies in the are of the crash. Be prepared to give covering fire to the squad as they approach the crash site.

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